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Changes to our appointment system


We are changing our appointment system.
We currently have a complicated appointment system. Each clinician has a mix of appointments which are booked on the day, booked in advance, telephone slots, triage slots, follow up slots, minor operation clinics and Baby clinics. This makes it difficult for patients to understand the difference of each appointment type and leads to appointments being incorrectly booked with the wrong clinician and waste appointments.
Our Clinicians are: GPs, Registrars, Medical Students, Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurse, Assistant Practitioner, Health Care Assistant and an Emergency Care Practioner.
What is the reason and need to change?
We have created a multi-disciplinary team who are competent to deal and treat a variety of conditions and illnesses.
– To offer a flexible approach to the varying appointment demand
– To maximise the use of the skills of the whole team so we can treat as many of our patients as possible in a safe environment.
– To offer a range of appointments at different times.
-Patients with long term conditions are able to make review appointments with ease.
– To improve the delivery of care for patients who have complex health needs.
– To minimise interruptions for the clinical team to increase the likelihood of patients being seen on time.

How will the new appointment system look.

Acute team- This will comprise of a mix of clinicians who will deal with the patients who present on the day with an acute clinical need. Patients who require this service will be seen by one of the team: GP, Nurse Practitioner Gp Registrar and Paramedic who is most appropriate clinician for their presenting condition.

Prebookable appointments. This will comprise of a mix of clinicians and will offer appointments that can be booked in advance. This includes Long Term conditions and baby clinics. This system will allow the team to offer longer appointment lengths for patients with more complex needs and over time allow more appointments online.

We will release a selection of appointments in advance including Gp, Practice Nurse, Healthcare Appointments, Midwife and Phlebotomist appointments.

Online appointments will be not be available for on the day appointments for the time being.

Thank you to our patients for working with us on this change.

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