Phone lines are open 08:00-18:30

Biggleswade Health Centre
01767 316346
Langford Surgery
01767 316346
Shannon Court Surgery
01767 682277

Patient rights and responsibilities

We aim to treat our patients courteously at all times and expect our patients to treat our staff in a similarly respectful way. It is your responsibility to keep your appointments, inform us of your past illnesses, medication, hospital admissions and any other relevant details.

Please note that once a patient is 16, they will be treated as an adult and we cannot speak to parents without the normal consent process being completed.

Responsibilities of a Patient

Please let us know if you change your name, address or telephone number

Please attend for your booked appointment, or tell us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend

Please keep your telephone calls to the Surgery as brief as possible and avoid calling during peak times

Please treat our Doctors and staff with courtesy and respect; any abuse will be met with removal from our List.

Please remember that you are responsible for your own health and that of your children

Please do not allow your children to make undue noise.

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