Appointments can be booked online, face to face or via the telephone.

Appointments are available to book ahead for all members of your Clinical Team(GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Practice nurses, Assistant Practitioners or Phlebotomist) and are subject to availability

We  also have appointments which are available to book on the day.

Once all appointments are booked for that day, any requests for an appointment for that day will be telephoned triaged by a GP. You will then be either booked an appointment for another day, given advice over the telephone or asked to come to see one of the team. This ensure we treat as many of our patients as possible.

Emergencies in the afternoon are treated by our Clinical Team.( Nurse Practitioner and GP)

In order to maximise on our appointments, the call handler will ask a few details as to why the appointment is needed. The call handler can signpost you to the most appropriate clinician. This assists the Practice to see as many patients as possible. If you are unable to say,  please tell the call handler and your choice will be respected.  If you wish to  see further information please go to ‘ ‘Who Should I  See’  for further information

Due to the ever increasing number of missed appointments and in order to ensure fairness to all Patients seeking medical advice we are obliged to operate a Practice policy of removing Patients from our list if they fail to attend on more than two occasions. This is not an action that we take lightly but of necessity.

When booking an appointment please let the team member know if you require a chaperone to accompany you to your consultation with a clinician.

The Chaperone will be either a Nurse/Health Care Assistant or a trained member of the Practice Staff.

Appointments at this Practice are in great demand and whilst the failure to attend one appointment may be an oversight on your part it does nothing to help us to meet the ever increasing demand for appointments.

On average we have 120 Failed to Attend appointments per month which equates to one Doctors time for a whole week: we simply do not have the resource to accommodate so many missed appointments.

It is for this reason we ask that you notify us if you cannot attend so that the appointment can be offered to another Patient.

Because of this we are obliged to operate a policy of removing Patients from our list if they fail to attend for appointments on more than two occasions.

It is therefore in your best interests and those of other Patients to inform Reception, as soon as possible, if you are unable to attend for your appointment(s).